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People always asked me if I could work with anyone, who would it be? My response was ALWAYS @pink !! Not only because I grew up singing "just like a pill" at karaoke and crying to "family portrait" when I was 9, I also always wanted to work with her because I love what she stands for. She can make a political statement in a song and people listen. She's an open book and she writes like it too. She's so authentically her that when you listen to her music, you feel like she's talking to you and only you, and that is a damn special thing to do. She is as brave and bold in person as she is in her music and I'm so honored I got to experience such an iconic, humble, powerful, woman and I'm proud to call her an idol. I got to write #barbies with her and @rossgolan and #fornow with her and @mattmanswe and @mrfredriksson and I couldn't be more happy that it's out for the world to hear! Love you Alecia. Thank you for being a hero. go check em out!



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