Timeline Post by sheedy

Gods I feel bad because until I saw Julia mentoring Adam’s team on The Voice, I never heard of her but she is such a sweetheart! I love her honesty and realism and especially her humbleness and shyness! I’m a Julia Micheal’s fan! Now I just need to listen to her music to see if I’m a fan of her music too? That might be a big stretch? I’m just shit’n whom ever reads this! I’m sure I will at least like one note, maybe a word? I like the name of the new short album because that fits in my life. There you have it, that’s one word already and I haven’t listened to any songs. Now I’m a fan of Julia Micheal’s word! I’m moving up to big things, Julia the person, a word, who knows what’ll be next? Hey Julia, if you read this, you are such a beautiful and unique person and unique is great. It’s easy to follow, but to lead, that takes courage. JF O’keefe Gods Peace!